How It Works

Q. What is AppOptix?

AppOptix is a research platform for analyzing consumer behavior. Through our Mobile Panel and other information services, we provide insights to the wireless industry to enhance and optimize the experience on consumer products and services.

Q. Who is behind AppOptix?

The AppOptix program is a service from Strategy Analytics Inc, a global leader in wireless industry research. For more information about Strategy Analytics, visit:

Q. Why should I join?

We value the voice of the consumer. We recognize your voice is important to understand and improve the experiences on mobile devices. As a panel member, you will be joining a select group of participants to share your experience via the AppOptix application. We also reward for your participation. As a panel member you may earn up to $50 rewards in Amazon gift cards per year.

Q. Do I need to answer any surveys or questions?

No. All you need to do is apply for membership, and upon approval, download and install the AppOptix application.

Q. OK. I am interested, where should I start?

1. Register to the AppOptix program.
2. Once you have completed your profile, and, if you are selected, we'll forward you the application installation steps.
3. Once you have completed the installation, you will be an active member of our Mobile Panel and will be eligible for the rewards.
4. You will receive rewards based on your points. You may receive up to $50 dollars in Amazon gift cards for participating in the program for 12 months.

Q. What are the requirements for joining the panel?

Only US participants are eligible to the program. Currently the program is open to all Android smartphone and tablet users from the region.

Q. Does the AppOptix work on every smart phone?

No. It only works on Android smart phones.

Q. What type of data is being collected?

The application measures general usage of your phone. For example, we collect information on:

  • List of applications installed in the device.
  • The name and launch periods of the applications, BUT application contents are not monitored.
  • Timestamp and duration of the activities.
  • The specifications of your device, such as what sensors are contained in it and activated.
  • The battery and network performance of your phone.
  • The location of your device via GPS (if your device is so equipped).

We do not listen to or record any of your phone calls. We also do not examine, store or record any of the content of text or picture messages you send or receive. In addition, we cannot and do not read any of the contents of your other files or email messages.

Q. Why do you collect my personal information? Do you share it with anyone?

We combine the information that you and other panelists provide us with data and research from other sources. We use this information to perform research and to prepare reports and analyses on how consumers use their mobile devices and related services. WE WILL NOT RELEASE ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DATA ON PARTICIPANT. You can review our complete privacy policy at this link.

Q. How long do I have to participate?

You may uninstall the application at any time. You can opt out of the panel at any time by submitting the “opt-out” option in your account profile. However,

Q. Can I install multiple devices with the same account?

No. You can have only one active installation per account. You only get rewards for one active installation. However, you will have the option to transfer the rewards while upgrading or replacing the device.

Q. What will happen if I upgrade or replace my device?

When you install the application on your new device, you will have the option to transfer your account from the previous device to the new device. Just download the application from and enter the e-mail associated with your account.

Q. Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

For questions and comments regarding the AppOptix program, please contact us at